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  • May 23rd, 2004 Fundraiser for the Stuke Family

    On May 10th, 2004 this family lost their home, some livestock, and all outbuildings as a result of a tornado that left complete devastation in its wake.
    5/10/2004 F3 Tornado Slideshow

    The F3 class tornado touched down approximately 12 miles north of Simla as one of several documented funnels moved through the area that evening.
    Stuke Fundraiser
    Stuke Fundraiser
    Some very generous area residents came together for a SVFD fundraiser luncheon with all proceeds going to the family.

    Feed, cash, and other donations in excess of $2200 were collected!

    We want to thank all who attended. The heart and resiliency of this community never ceases to amaze!

    Stuke Fundraiser
    Stuke Fundraiser
    Stuke Fundraiser

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